Something Like Waiting by Isabelle Young
Something Like Waiting by Isabelle Young

Something Like Waiting by Isabelle Young

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"A feeling of ‘something like waiting’ (Van Gogh Letter 886) is in all my photography. It exists in the sense of being lost within a space but also waiting to see an image I want to photograph; the anticipation, moving through rooms, attempting to be patient. Even within a fixed photograph, or centuries-old oil on canvas, there is a tension in knowing that the subject moved, or was moving, actively thinking while expressing something waiting to be captured." - Isabelle Young

'Something like waiting' is one of a series of images by photographer Isabelle Young capturing Van Gogh House in June 2020, just as Britain began to emerge from lockdown.

About the Artist:

Perspective and narrative positioned within the confinement of architecture are central to Isabelle Young’s work. Windows do not lead straight onto life but divide space to create a continuous sense of ambiguity. Young’s own autobiography as a third-generation Italian, born in London, also shapes her particular way of seeing and is therefore the framework to her practice. All her work is shot on film and she is continually drawn to analogue photography due to its privacy.

Product information:

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