Cultures of London: Legacies of Migration
Cultures of London: Legacies of Migration

Cultures of London: Legacies of Migration

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Cultures of London: Legacies of Migration: Charlotte Grant 

Our Creative Director Livia Wang is delighted to have been invited to contribute a chapter on Van Gogh's time in London, with thanks to editors Charlotte Grant and Alistair Robinson. 

This book expresses and celebrates the plurality of the capital's cultures and affirms the importance of migration in the making of the modern city through thirty-three short essays written by academics, artists, broadcasters and curators. Subjects range from the mediaeval to the contemporary: buildings and institutions, individuals and communities, objects, visual art, street performances and literary texts.

It is not only London's cultures which are diverse, migration is also plural. This book engages with the very many human migrations from across the globe and within the British Isles that have taken place over the last two-thousand years, as well as with the movements of plants, animals, and ideologies from other countries and continents, and the movement of natural resources and manmade toxins into and through the city.

Composed of a vivid collection of snapshots, the volume offers a kaleidoscopic vision of the city and provides new insights into the successive migrant communities that have come to London and made it their own.

Product Information:

1st Edition 
234 X 156 mm
Bloomsbury Publishing 
Published: 11 Jan 2024