Vintage pearl grey ceramic ink bottles

Vintage pearl grey ceramic ink bottles

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Originally used for storing ink in the 1800s, these ink bottles came with small cork stoppers. The salt glazing means each is unique, some being darker and some lighter and all having different patination.

Handpicked from antique traders by our team, these Victorian ceramic salt glazed ink bottles make a delicate statement whether as flower pots, pen holders, or brush pots.  

Some bottles have a makers mark stamped around the bottom of the side. Small lip at the top, originally for pouring out the ink they contained.


Product Information:
Due to the subtle variations in texture, each one is unique and size may vary.

Approx 11-15cm in height and 5-6.5cm in width.

Numbered 1-9 from left to right. 

Small - Numbers 1 - 7 

Large - Numbers  8 & 9 

Please email with the variant number you wish to purchase.