The Van Gogh Sisters

The Van Gogh Sisters

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This biography of Vincent van Gogh’s sisters tells the fascinating story of the lives of these women whose history has largely been neglected.


The previously neglected voices of Van Gogh's sisters are revealed in this perceptive, unprecedented biography by Willem-Jan Verlinden.

Many people are familiar with the life and art of Vincent van Gogh, and his extensive correspondence with his brother Theo. But their sisters—Ana, Lies, and Wil van Gogh—have gone overlooked until now. In this compelling group biography based on extensive primary resources, art historian Willem-Jan Verlinden brings Vincent’s three sisters into the spotlight. At a time when the feminist movement was beginning to take root and idealists were clamoring for revolution, the Van Gogh sisters recorded their aspirations and dreams, their disappointments and grief. Based on little-known correspondence between the sisters, this fascinating account of these remarkable women captures a moment of profound social, economic, and artistic change.

With great clarity and empathy, The Van Gogh Sisters relates the sisters’ intimate discussions of art, poetry, books, personal ambitions, and employment. Their story will resonate with readers and broaden understandings of Vincent van Gogh’s childhood. Set against the backdrop of a turbulent period in nineteenth-century history this story sheds new light on these impressive women, deepening our understanding of this unique and often troubled family.

'In 'The Van Gogh Sisters' we see Van Gogh’s story through the eyes and voices of the young women in his family circle. Their distinctive perspective offers valuable insights into Van Gogh’s values and family life and enables the sisters to step forward in their own right' - Carol Jacobi, Curator, Tate


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