Coming Soon: Cawley Studio X  Grymsdyke Farm Limited Edition Scarves

Coming Soon: Cawley Studio X Grymsdyke Farm Limited Edition Scarves

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Cawley Studio and Grymsdyke Farm have collaborated to create these botanically dyed scarves which are based on the men’s fashion of the late 19th century for colorful neck scarves. Each one is hand cut from a single length of Irish unbleached linen producing no waste. In this limited run of 16, the edition number is hand embroidered in the corner of each scarf.

Cawley Studio was founded in 2017 by Hannah Cawley, who wanted to create everyday clothes that celebrated quality craftsmanship and British manufacturing. Every garment is designed to be functional, timeless and lasting and is created to have a place in everyday life.

Grymsdyke Farm is a research facility, fabrication workshop and living-working space for architects, artists and designers. Based in the village of Lacey Green in Buckinghamshire, its aim is to expose, articulate and demonstrate the essential connections between processes of design, making and place.


A Letter to Yellow 
From his London home, Van Gogh wrote many letters that speak of yellow, a colour widely regarded as his favourite. He describes yellow skies, yellow doors, yellow bricks, pale yellows and dull yellows. He quotes the Jan van Beer poem The Boarder twice, which describes how "yellow had faded to grey in the west".

This image is materialised and translated into cloth, hand dyed with weld Reseda luteola grown at the dye garden at Grymsdyke Farm.


Product Information:

This limited edition series has 16 scarves in total. Each scarf is unique, and with its edition number hand embroidered.  You can choose the number you like!