Handmade Blacking Pot
Handmade Blacking Pot
Handmade Blacking Pot

Handmade Blacking Pot

Van Gogh House London
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Inspired by a ‘blacking pot’ that was found in the house garden, ceramicist and sculptor Nigel Hunter has produced hand thrown, unique pots which bear our stamp.

Blacking pots traditionally contained blacking paste which was widely used in the 19th century for the cleaning and polishing of boots, shoes, fireplaces and doorsteps. The pots were usually salt glaze fired. Our contemporary pots have been high fired to stoneware temperature and glazed inside to serve as a vase, container or brush pot, an inspiring reminder of your visit to the Van Gogh House. 


Product information

Due to the handmade nature of the pieces, they develop subtle variations in texture and irregularities in shape and glazing. Each one is unique and size may vary.

If you have any specific preferences regarding the appearance of the pot you're ordering (for example if you prefer one fully glazed), please get in touch with us when you place the order to let us know at shop@vangoghhouse.co.uk

Size information

- The smallest item (size 1) on the scale picture is 9cm high and 6cm in diameter

- The largest item (size 6) on the scale picture is 17cm to 19cm high and 9cm in diameter

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